Wednesday 2 March 2016

(vol 3) CHAPTER 04 – “How Projects Are Born”


Ideas are great and can come to anyone, at any time. Most are lost, forgotten, never to be realised. However, there are a few minds out there in the world that can’t help but grab onto ideas, no matter how small or fleeting they might be, and do something incredible with them.

One such person previously had an idea that led to a lot of us Flash Fiction writers being able to hold our written words in our very own hands.

And just over a week ago, he went and did it again.


On the evening of Feb 22nd, David Shakes (co-founder of the #FlashDogs movement) found an idea drifting through his mind. He could have ignored it, could have let it carry on through the cosmos to be claimed by someone else, or worse, just fade away. But he didn’t. Instead he reached out and grabbed hold of the damned thing. He chewed it over, played around with it in his minds eyes, and then, before he knew what was happening, the idea grew.

But it wasn’t a slow blossom, or a steady unfolding. From the evidence on Twitter, this idea exploded. From a simple Tweet the idea became something solid within mere minutes, reaching out across the digital ether in search of other like-minded folks from around the globe.

“One genre,” roared David. “One book. One story per hour of the day.”

FlashDogs and non-FlashDogs alike pricked their ears.

“I need twenty four authors to aid in this project,” David asked. “Who will stand beside me?”

And in just two hours, the rota was full.


Everything in this world exists in two ways. Everything can be used for good or evil. Technology is no different.

Last Monday I was part of a small event that showed how cool social media can be when the right minds get involved.

I often moan about sites like Facebook and Twitter when I wake up to find my feed full of stupid Minion memes, or people slagging of strangers because of a single biased news article that’s gone viral.

But on the 22nd Feb 2016, a single man used 144 characters to ask a question, to request assistance. And people dotted all over the globe responded so selflessly, so positively, that it blew me away. In fact, it went so well, the twenty four slots being filled so quickly, that David has a standby list of people ready to step in just in case someone can’t continue.

I’m a pessimist by nature, but damn it if all that didn’t put a smile on my face.

I won’t talk about it just yet. While we have authors, a little art work, and a clear set of instructions from the creator himself (David, not God), it’s still early days. The book is a good few months off yet.

I will say that I have the 6am-7am slot, and have already begun a story called DELAYED. Fingers crossed it meets the level of awesomeness I know the other authors will be bringing to this project.


Before I go, I just want to mention a little bit of good news.

After the legendary Flash Fiction sites Flash! Friday, Micro Bookends, and Three Line Thursday all bid a sad farewell, there was an epic Flash contest hole left for a lot of the #Flashdogs. Thankfully a new contest arrived, a contest called Microcosms, and the world was once again a better place.

Last week’s contest asked authors to take 100 words and combine them with a cat, an underwater setting, and sprinkle in a little romance.

Due to my other writing projects I’ve not written anywhere near as much Flash as I did last year, but the three keys words sparked an idea and I jumped in. Well, I’m chuffed to bits that I did because my story, A GLASS DIVIDE, gave me my first Flash Fiction win of the year.

I’m super grateful to the judges over at for their kind comments.

Check out the story below, and I’ll see you in a fortnight.

By Brian Creek
“What is wrong, my love?”
Mr Zazzles turned from the port hole. “Nothing,” he purred.
Goldie swam over. “You look so sad.” She kissed the side of the glass helmet enclosing his head. “Do you no longer wish to be with me?”
“Oh Goldie,” meowed Mr Zazzles. “I long to feel your lips upon mine. I can’t bear being trapped behind this.”
“But that helmet is the only thing allowing us to be together.”
“And yet, we are apart.”
“What are you saying?”
Mr Zazzles placed a paw on each side of the helmet. “I’m saying I’ll always love you.” And with that he removed it. “Now you’re free.”

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