We live in one world . . . 
. . . but inside all our minds are thousands more.
Turn the pages, one by one, and step into some of my strange worlds, meet a few of my strange characters.

- A man uses roller skates to travel back in time.
- A merchant tells his son the tale of the Fortune Fish.
- Two friends find out something special about a ‘58 Caddy.
- Young love is tested when a couple find they share a tragic past.

A collection of Flash Fiction written over a three year period.

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Benjamin Brown has a temper.

Up until now he's been lucky that it hasn't caused him too much trouble. But his luck has run out and in one day he loses his job, his girlfriend, and his sanity.

And then a creature steps out from the shadows, a creature that is all fur and teeth and claws. 

Now Benjamin finds himself transformed into something that will use his anger in terrifying ways.


Selena is a worker. She spends her days at Farm Site Delta picking fruit for people and places she doesn't know. All she does is harvest, eat, sleep. But she is different than the others; intelligent, inquisitive, rebellious.
Then one day she is moved to Tech Site Gamma to assist with low quota's, a site where her peculiar ways attract the eyes of the staff, and where she finds herself in real danger for the first time in her life.
And so begins a journey as Selena discovers fear, friendship, and the truth behind a world she didn't even know existed.
A world beyond the Sites.

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