Wednesday 14 November 2018

(vol 5) CHAPTER 06: "NaNoWriMo 2018 - Day 14"

So, we're nearly half way through the month, people. Millions of words are escaping writers minds and becoming trapped forever on paper and screens across the globe.

I'm still beavering away at a steady pace, keeping myself afloat as apposed to steaming ahead like last year. I'm still finding the book a challenge due to its nature, but I'm not giving up on it.

DAY 8 -
I had a lot of fun with this chapter today. The main character is a geek, and us geeks love a good comic book store. In keeping with the shared/mixed universe, our character visits Four Sided Triangle, one of the main locations in last years SUPERGOD. He discusses his favorite comic books with a member of staff, which gave me the chance parody classic comic book story lines. So in place of MARVEL's 'Secret Wars' or DC's 'Infinite Crisis', we have 'The Chaos Fallout Saga' where the comic book hero meets he arch nemesis, the universe is at stake, blah, blah, blah. 

DAY 9 - 
I struggled to get the words down at first on Day 9, as the scene was going to be tough top write and I kept holding back early on. But once the gloves came off, and the conflict between the two main characters ignited (leading to the first real inciting incident) it just flowed. I'm always much happier with dialogue and their argument just hit the keyboard so naturally. 

DAY 10 - 
This was another slow day of writing, primarily because it was the slow down scene after the big argument previously. IN this scene the main characters is sharing what has just happened, which unfortunately leads to a lot of repetition for the reader if not done correctly. I have not done it correctly. But that's what edits are for.

DAY 11 - 
As well as the video game and the board games shared by the characters, the two main characters also work on a comic together during the novel. So not only is their relationship at stake and very much on/off for the duration, but the unfinished first copy of their joint project risks becoming a casualty. Something that came from this scene that was unexpected and may be developed later, was having the character of the comic, a Barbarian named Banter, manifest himself in Harrison's mind and talk with him when he's alone. Will see how that goes later.

DAY 12 - 
This was a bad day. Two kids birthday parties and a very late showing of the F1 highlights the day before meant I was exhausted, and then the Monday was taking up with getting my sons new bedroom ready (a lot of furniture and books were moved in the making of this bedroom) meant I managed less than 300 words today. It's the first time I haven't crossed the daily 1667 this month and I went to bed grumpy.

DAY 13 - 
I picked up where I left off and completed a scene that present the challenge of being mostly a text conversation. And it was a scene where the status quo almost returns, but is lost at the last moment because the main character stays true to himself. Then what follows is more conflict in the characters past life. He is slowly being pushed out of his past, while a future doesn't seem to exist, and this is what the character is struggling with as he finds himself very alone and cast adrift.

DAY 14 - 
Following a couple of crap and meandering days, I hit a scene which made me reevaluate an idea I have for the book which may be extreme enough that a title change will be needed.
The characters play a video game in the story and this was on top of the gimmick of the board games nights, and the comic book project. It was getting cluttered. So I decided to cut the board games out (hence saying bye ye to the title) and fleshing pout the video game. And I plan on doing this by setting the scenes of games playing inside the world of the game. So chapters will occur in a fantasy world setting, but there will be little tell-tell signs of it being a game experience (XP, areas off limits, etc). And i'll use these scenes to exaggerate real world moments for slightly comedic effect. Hopefully.

Sp there we are. Hours away from the half way mark and I'm still on track, despite one road bump.

How is everyone else getting on? I see a couple of the @FlashDogs are steadily heading my way. 

I'm off to force my way kicking and screaming over the 25,000 word mark. Keep up the great NaNo work all you awesome writers.

See you in seven.

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