Wednesday 3 January 2018

(vol 5) PROLOGUE: "Love It When A Plan . . ."

The last 18 months saw me fall down and hide away from writing.

Feeling like I didn't have the right to talk about writing and publishing a book with nothing to back it up, I began to feel like a fraud. I stopped blogging and instead got to work on actually doing something about it. But I did it from the shadows, in secret. 

There were several false starts following my June 2016 shutdown, but I managed to finally accomplish my goal when I looked at existing work and used three years worth of Flash Fiction to produce a collection. 

BRISK WORLDS has been out since September 2017 and it taught me a hell of a lot about self publishing. Which was something I needed. And now I feel like I can call myself a writer and I can talk about things based on fact.

But producing just one book was never the goal. Now that I'm over that hurdle that had been holding me back, I need to build on what I have learnt and get on with more. Because now my fear is getting to this time next year and BRISK WORLDS still being the only published work with my name on the cover.

Here's what I've got in mind.



The first part of my plan is finishing and releasing the RAGE HARD trilogy. Three novella's following the adventures of Benjamin Brown who, after being attacked by a strange creature, finds his temper gives him new found abilities and a fearsome new look. 

The plan is to get these released first half of 2018, each novella coming out a month apart in e-book form. Once all three are out, then the trilogy will be collected as a single paperback.


The second half of the year will be about releasing my first full novel. Currently the plan is to take SUPERGOD, my 2017 NaNoWriMo project, and work on this while RAGE HARD is out with betas. It's still in scrappy first draft and needs a lot of work, but a year contains a lot of writing hours if you're honest with yourself and know where to find them (not on my Xbox, that's for sure).


The two projects above will be enough for me, but following the last few Novembers, I'm looking forward to once again taking part in NaNoWriMo and seeing what happens. I won't have a project planned for some time yet, but something always grabs my attention during October. What ever comes out will hopefully be good enough to be a 2019 project.


And if that isn't enough, I had an epiphany regarding last years failed project UTOPIA FOR PEARS. A little part of me wanted to place SUPERGOD to one side, but I don't want to be all indecisive and changing things around unnecessarily. So the other two projects are priorities, but UPTOPIA FOR PEARS has become my extra project. Like when you take a book to the doctors, just in case there's a long wait. UTOPIA FOR PEARS is something to focus on if there is free time. And if nothing happens with it then it will be first in line for 2019.


And that's all for now. 2017 saw me release one collection. Now I'm upping the game with three novellas and one novel. Fingers crossed as always.

Good luck with all of your writing projects for 2018. May my books follow your books on their way up to the top of the charts. 

See you in seven.

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