Wednesday 22 November 2017

(vol 4) CHAPTER 12: "NaNoWriMo 2017 - Day 22"

The finish line is in sight but there is still work to do.

DAY SIXTEEN - 8114 words

An early start today. Up at 5:00 and a couple of thousand words done before starting work. After two days of writing an epic superhero/super-villain smack down, it was nice to chill and get into my characters head a little, find out how he's coping with things.

This scene carried me over the 40,000 mark. That should have been enough. I hit my word count and finished a scene. Then things escalted

I spotted how close I was to my 2017 record daily word count of 4000. So on my lunch break I wrote a bit more. But then I saw how close I was to my 2014 record daily word count of 5833, so that evening I didn't watch a movie or play on the Xbox. I wrote. And then I was so close to my 2007 and 'all time personal best daily word count' of 7941 words (that was a night that ended at 3am) that I stuck on a Donald Trump documentary and carried on until, well until my fingers fell off.

I'm very stat driven (you've seen the spreadsheets) and it's this that can keep me going when it shouldn't be possible. I'm not the fastest writer in November, but every now and then I manage to do something awesome at this time of year, so I kick pessimist me to the curb and give my self a little pat on the back. This was one such day.

It also meant that, with 14 days still remaining, I only had 3463 words to reach the finish line. This may go down as my best NaNoWriMo yet.

DAY SEVENTEEN - 3484 words

I was expecting to hit 50,000 around the 20th, but due to the previous days write-a-thon it happened on the 17th. To say it was difficult to contain my excitement would be an understatement. I was so thrilled to hit 50K so early in the month, a personal best for me. And there's still much more to go after the days attack on a jungle drug compound (yes, this story will be mental). The battle scene ended perfectly on 50,001 so I called it a day with Chapter 22 coming up next.

DAY EIGHTEEN - 2023 words

After two days of monster writing, the weekend hit hard and returned me to normal word counts. After the drug compound battle of the last chapter, this was all about bringing the main character back to his day-to-day life; returning to work, spending time with his girlfriend. Normal stuff. I'm still pushing on because the ideas are all still rolling out. A worry I sometimes have is crossing the finish line cutting the enthusiasm. But I'm doing well.

DAY NINETEEN - 2044 words

Another weekend day, but when the wife took our son out for an afternoon walk, I took it as writing time and immediately jumped onto the laptop. I managed about 1700 before they got back, and fit a further 300 in after dinner.

DAY TWENTY - 2302 words

Back to normal today as I opened up another action scene. The fights that the main character goes through are all based on iconic superhero movies, and this scene is similar to one from The Dark Knight. It's a more thinking mans action scene, unlike the previous bust ups.I managed 1700 and called it a day, but then had a burst of 600 around 10pm to keep my average high.

DAY TWENTY-ONE - 2674 words

After the fight the previous day, day 21 was all about the consequences. The main character starts doubting himself and the dual life he's trying to live, and it's up to those closest to him to pull him from the slump. After all, the world could be in danger (spoiler, it's about to be) and need a hero.

DAY TWENTY-TWO - 2169 words

And so the beginning of the end is at hand. Our hero has been presented with a bigger threat than terrorists, street criminals, and super powered villains. An alien threat is coming. Our hero has faced some big challenges up to this point, but the literal fate of the planet could be in his hands. And he hasn't even dealt with his biggest enemy, who wants to destroy the entire universe (because, you know, one problem at a time). With time running out, and our hero trapped on the moon (I told you this was going to be a weird book) how will this story end? Guess I'll start working that out tomorrow, as my planning only got this far. Should be interesting.

And in extra awesome news, as this week wraps up, I've crossed 60,000 words and am on target to beat my personal best (2016 UTOPIA FOR PEARS - 64,034 words). My life is at a  bit of a low at the moment so this is really pulling me along and keeping me going. I'm pushing myself hard and breaking a lot of personal records and loving every minute of it.

In other extra awesome news, Steph Ellis (one of the master minds of The Infernal Clock projects) has also joined me at the NaNo pub that is 'The Validated Writer'. We're getting our drinks in and watching out for the other FlashDogs who are closing in. A couple of first timers on my writer buddies list and their doing super well. Virtual drinks ordered for you peeps, waiting at the bar. 

So with just over a week left how is everyone else doing? Ready to validate? On target? Or crazy enough to plan a word blitz with two days to go. Let me know in the comments below or on twitter @BrianSCreek

The finish line can be crossed if you really want to. In 2007 I was 13,000 words behind with 3 days to go . . . and I managed it without needing to write on the last day. 

Keep on writing. 

See you in seven.

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