Wednesday 19 August 2015

(vol 2) Chapter 32: "CHRIS AND MIKE vs THE RESULTS"

Ladies and Gentleman, thank you for joining me on this momentous occasion.

We’ve had three days of Flash Fiction results trailing off from this past weekend, and now it’s time for the main event, the one you’ve all been waiting for, the Mac-Daddy of Flash Fiction contests.

But, before I dive in, let’s look at some highlights from the build-up. These last 72 hours has been spectacular.

We had a shake up over at Micro Bookends with Geoff Holme throwing his Chris and Mike shaped gloves into the ring, then only going ahead and getting a bloody Honourable Mention for his trouble. Chris and Mike step into the world of fan-fic! What’s next?

Flash! Friday gave us our second 5 TIME CHAMP in the guise of the legendary Chris Milam. And, as if this wasn’t enough, his spectacular story was enough to stir Flash Points from its deep. deep slumber.

And just when things couldn’t get any better among the world’s greatest Flash Fiction community, our Stella  threw a beautifully dark tale into the Angry Hourglass arena that saw her hoisted back onto the podium where she belongs. A well-earned silver medal.

But these contests were mere warm ups, something to get the crowd excited and baying for more.

Two weeks ago I presented an epic prize in the form of a 50% discount code for the writers choice of writing programs; SCRIVENER. And all you mere mortals had to do to have a fighting chance to win this prize was show me your very own ‘Chris and Mike vs’ stories. I give you all a photo and a word limit, you step into the world of Chris and Mike, and tell me a fabulous tale.

Three brave souls took on this challenge, three names synonymous with talent in the Flash Fiction world universe; Holly Geely, FE Clark, and Karl A.Russell Each presented a Chris and Mike tale that I myself am jealous of not scribing first. They took the characters so beloved by millions and spun their own tales, fully instilling the qualities of our classic heroes.

Before I announce the winner, I’d like you all to put your hands together for the REAL CHRIS AND MIKE who took time out from monster hunting last week to sit down and read these tales. The boys have fought the darkest demons of hell and saved our world countless times, but both said that choosing a winner was the greatest challenge they’ve ever faced.

Your stories honour them and that is all I can ask.

But enough rambling; you’re all here for one thing and one thing only.

The winner of the first (and probably last) CHRIS AND MIKE vs THE COMPETITION is . . . .

Holly Geely with her awesome tale,

Chris And Mike vs The Robotic Waiter.

Congratulations Holly. You story made the judges laugh, you made the judges cry. I will message you the Scrivener discount code (and thanks to Twitters recently increased word count for messages, some instructions too) a little later today so that you can download it and get cracking with your next epic story.

A big thanks to FE Clark and Karl A Russell. Your entries were equally loved by the judges but, as Connor MacLeod always says, “There can be only one!”

So please put your hands together one more time for Holly, before scrolling down and enjoying her story.

Normal service will resume next post.

See you in seven.


By Holly Geely

"I forgot my wallet," Mike said.
"How convenient," Chris said.
"Wait, did you hear that?"
The team knew a scream when they heard one. The other patrons took no notice.
"Pretend to be drunk."
Mike staggered over to their waiter.
"I love you, bro," he said. He squeezed the waiter in a hug.
Chris snuck into the kitchen. Two robots were lowering a gagged man into boiling water.
"Stop ruining my favourite diner!"
One robot turned and blasted Chris through the wall. He landed, stunned, at the waiter's feet.
The waiter was now (unsurprisingly) a robot – and so were the other patrons. Mike was in their clutches, being tickled relentlessly.
"We are the Torture Bots. You will be broken," the waiter said.
One of the other robots shed its exterior and revealed…a grizzly bear.
"I was hoping for a human," Chris groaned.
The grizzly grabbed the heroes and hauled them out the door.
"Duck!" she yelled.
The diner exploded behind them.
"Where will we eat now?" Mike demanded.
"Did anyone save the guy in the kitchen?" Chris asked.
"Never mind that," the grizzly said. "I've been looking everywhere for you. The world is in great danger. I need your help!"


  1. Hooray! I'll have to share with my Mike & Chris :)

  2. This is in no way related to the fact I watched Bogus Journey recently but, are your Chris and Mike evil robot versions of my Chris and Mike?