Wednesday 15 July 2015

(vol 2) Chapter 27: “CampNaNo 2015 – Day 15”

2015 Flash Fiction Word Count =         38413

2015 CampNaNo Word Count =           9932

2015 TOTAL WORD COUNT =           48345

Give or take a few hours, it’s the half way point of CampNaNoWriMo July 2015.

I’m still ahead of target and haven’t slipped into the red yet (although it’s been close). I’m not as focused as I’d like though, never getting close to the daily word target of 1667 that I normally achieve in the November contest. But things are busy, July is supposed to be a warm up, and I’m in that horrible middle section of the novel where the preproduction was thinnest, causing me to create on the fly.

I went away with the family this weekend, a nice long weekend on the Isle of Wight. My trusty laptop came with us so that, once my son was asleep, I could hopefully get some writing done. And I did. Friday and Saturday nights saw me reaching around 1000 words. Unfortunately, I slipped on the Sunday and got zero done so all that ‘word profit’ was wasted.

But for now, let’s take a look at how my NaNo writing has gone.

Day Nine – 307 words

A half day at work and then home to see my poorly wife and son. I managed to find a small window in the evening and used to tie up the scene from the previous day involving a creature breaking into Mike’s house.

Day Ten – 1078 words

A long day of packing, a ferry trip, a drive round the island, before finding our caravan site and settling in. Once my son was asleep (or pretending to be) I fired up the lap top and took advantage of the peace and quiet.

Chris and Mike have fled the house and have a ‘body’ to take care of. This was all about Mike denying what he had seen, while Chris begins to get frustrated by the attitude of the one person he thought he could rely on. It’s here that their friendship gets thin.

Day Eleven – 935 words

A tiring day out at Robin Hill; nice weather, good food, and a very well behaved son. I was shattered when we got back to our caravan but somehow managed to find a refreshing angle on the story.

I used the next chapter to fold Mike back around to the institute. With Chris having no family, this is really the only place he can go for help. He has a meeting with the quite helpful Dr Gellibrand, knowing that he’s let his friend down and needs to find him again.

Day Twelve – 0 words

I said I wouldn’t do it but it happened again. It’s not that I didn’t feel like it, more that it just sipped my mind. With rain came a lazy day, a lot spent in the caravan, reading and watching TV. It was halfway through watching the excellent ‘Unforgiven’ with Eastwood, Freeman, and Hackman that I realised, too late, that I hadn’t contributed a single word to the story.

Wrist slapped.

Day Thirteen – 414 words

This was the start of Mike’s search for his friend. I took him to a rundown block of flats and then found myself sticking him in an awkward conversation with some youths outside the front doors. I don’t know where it came from, or if it will remain past the draft, but it just fell out of my brain and onto the page.

Day Fourteen – 679 words

Today was supposed to be a relaxing day, just me and the wife. Unfortunately our childminder thought it was the best time to hand in her notice. The day quickly disintegrated into two angry parents and the search for somewhere to send my son in four weeks.

Despite this hiccup, I still managed to get a little writing done before we headed off for a much needed drink at our weekly pub quiz.

At the end of the last chapter, Mike was trapped in an unfurnished flat with nowhere to hide, and someone was knocking on the open door. The ‘visitors’ are revealed and I think my brain went in two directions at the same time. One ‘visitor’ is an earlier character who, in a twist, is not all that they seemed. And the other? Well I leave that for now, but I think it’s going to change. I know the ‘Chris and Mike vs’ stories are weird, but this might be too weird. We’ll see.

Day Fifteen – 587 words

Another car scene, another argument between our future monster hunters. This is another scene that may exit the final version, or perhaps merge with another chapter. But for now, it has information that I needed to get down somewhere, so what better place than a first draft.

As I mentioned at the beginning, the middle of the story was the thinnest but I’m confidant that momentum will give me more words per day as I get closer to the ending. It’s the most complete stage of planning seeing as it’s where the original Flash Fiction tale was set.

I’m trying to focus more on the ‘Chris And Mike vs’ project going forward and so, with a heavy heart, I’ve made the decision to put Fractured Dawn on hiatus. It’s not over, but even getting it done at a fortnightly pace with the other writing I do is causing a little stress. I need a little more focus and so something had to go. I have three more parts to post that lead into a nice point in the story to break, a kind of end of season one episode cliff-hanger.

It’s not over. Fractured Dawn will be back.

See you in seven.

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