Wednesday 27 May 2015

(vol 2) Chapter 20: “Pressed SEND four times. Now what?”

2015 WORD COUNT = 30132 words

It has been a hectic few weeks due to a lack of ideas, leaving things to the last minute, and even coming up with an extra story that I didn’t realise I was going to write. The main thing is . . . all four of my FlashDog Anthology pieces made it to FDHQ on time. In fact, unlike any homework I’ve ever done in my life, the assignment was completed a day early. Check me out.

Obviously I have to give a massive thanks to Emily Livingstone and Chris Blackburn again. They were extremely patient with me throughout the whole process and both threw back ideas at me that I have no doubt improved the original drafts (and in the case of my story, POTENTIAL, it was many, many drafts).

So now it’s over to the legends at FlashDog HQ who are currently going over everything and working on putting the project together ready for release. Obviously, as with the last Anthology, I will give you details closer to the time, but I think it’s due for release sometime late June.

So what now? Well I plan to put more focus back on my Flash Fiction contest entries. It’s been a very lean two months with zero results. I have no doubt that that’s partly because my heart hasn’t been in it, and my attention has been elsewhere.

Talking of Flash Fiction, this Friday marks my Flash! Friday anniversary. I can’t believe it’s been a whole year since I first attempted a Flash Fiction story with my entry, THE LADY OF THE WOODS. Next week I will be devoting a whole post to the past year as well as including some milestone entries.

In a few days I will start the planning stage of this year’s Camp NaNo project. I’m going to be adapting my ‘Chris and Mike vs’ stories into a collection of novellas. I’ll be doing a bigger post later in the year on the history of the characters and what plans I have for them going forward, but for now it’s all about expanding the background and building the world.

And that’s about it. The other main change is that I will hopefully be getting back into the blog post writing as they have been a little lean as of recent.

See you in seven.

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