Wednesday 7 January 2015

(vol 2) PROLOGUE: “Let’s Do That Again”

2015 WORD COUNT = 659 words

Happy New Year to you all!!!

Welcome back to another year of writer ups and downs. Last year was a slower start than I would have liked but I’m always one for big plans so let’s see where I’m headed over the next twelve months (subject to change J).

This time last year the blog didn’t exist and I wasn’t taking my writing very seriously. In just eleven months I have been taken in by a fabulous group of writers, written a fair few words and had four of my stories included in a fantastic anthology.

Of course it hasn’t been all happy happy, joy joy. My own compilation died by the road side and I never got past the first draft of my novella, TATTOO.

What this has taught me is that I need to treat my projects like a pregnancy.

When my wife first told me we were having a child I just wanted to run through the streets telling everyone I could find. But it was too early, she said. So we waited. Even after the doctor’s visit and hearing the heartbeat I still wasn’t given the go ahead. It wasn’t until I had that precious scan photo in hand that my wife signalled the green light.

I think I was a little too new, a little too eager with my projects last year and I started talking about them before they’d had much time to breathe. Therefore, although I have a big plan for the next twelve months, I’ll keep my blogging to what is relevant, to what is immediate and close to being presentable.


I’ve mentioned it a lot over the last few months but now it’s time to get down to the nitty-gritty.

My main project at the moment is FALLEN SWORDS which is coming along nicely. I threw together 50,000 words of it last November and am now chopping and tidying that draft into something ready for the world to see.

My plan since the off has been to release it fortnightly. From early February I will be posting a new bite sized ‘episode’ here on the blog every two weeks (day still to be decided). I already have the rough version of what I call ‘Season One’ done as well as plans for seasons two through five. If it does well then that’s me covered for a few years.


You may remember that last April I entered SFX magazines ‘Writing Dead’ competition. The aim was to write a 1500 word zombie short to be judged by author Darren Shan. My piece, CONDOLENCE, didn’t make the short list but I am particularly proud of it. You can check it out yourself on Wattpad.

The great news is I get another stab at it. I’ve started working on a piece titled HUMBUG. Darren is once again judging the final five and as before it’s 1500 words. As an extra challenge, this time the story must include a zombie dressed as Santa and Christmas lights as a prop.

If you’re interested then head on over to SFX magazine’s site for more details. The deadline is February 3rd with the results printed in issue 260 of the mag which hits shelves at the beginning of April.


For the final part of this post I was going to mention my aim to continue with the various Flash Fiction entries. My sole aim was to make 2015 the year I got a win.

Unfortunately I’m unable to do that because . . . two days ago I got that win!!!

To say I was over the moon would be an understatement. I am so chuffed to bits to finally get the win that I’ve been chasing since May last year. I think my wife was a little fed up as I went on and on about it Monday night

A big thank you to Amy Wood who judged this weekend’s entries. I’m glad she liked it and I hope she gets her wish that the story one day unfurls its wings to become a novel. I’d say it’s quite possible now as the story means a big deal to me as my first win and won’t be forgotten in a hurry.

If you fancy having a quick read then head over to The Angry Hourglass where it’s up as this weeks ‘HumpDay Quickie’.


So that’s that then. I’m looking forward to my first full year of taking writing seriously now that my freshman year is out of the way. They’ll be the release of my episodic project, competitions, more Flash Fiction, NaNoWriMo and much, much more. Hope you guys stick around to see where I’m at come New Years Eve 2015.

See you in seven.

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