Wednesday 17 December 2014

(vol 1) CHAPTER 45: “The Good, The Bad & The Ugly”

This weekend was nothing short of an emotional roller-coaster.


Let’s start with the high point. Saturday was the release of the FlashDogs Anthology. From 12:01am on Saturday 13th December, the book has been available to purchase from Amazon.

I spent that morning promoting the book via several social media channels (all while taking a train with the wife and son to go do some Xmas shopping) and watched as my fellow FlashDogs did likewise.

Yesterday we sold the 100th copy and we’re not done yet.

It’s so exciting that there is finally something out there that people can download, something that contains my work. I know that there are 33 other talented authors involved and 106 masterly crafted Flash stories surrounding my 4 but I’m in there and that’s what counts.

I’m so grateful to the friends and family who stepped forward and supported both me and the project (and charity) since Saturday. Big, big thank you to each of you.
If anyone hasn’t yet but would like to then I will stick the link at the bottom of this post.


I slap my wrist as I near three weeks since NaNoWriMo and I haven’t started the editing process of FALLEN SWORDS yet.

That’s not to say I haven’t done anything. I’ve spent a lot of time running things through my head moving parts around and reshaping characters. Of course I have nothing physical to show for it; nothing is on paper.


I have some other things I need to get done this weekend regarding the blog and my usual Flash contests (as well as getting ready for some big event thing next week) but I’m hoping to be stuck into the second draft before Santa comes down your chimneys on Wednesday night.


They say bad things come in threes and car accidents are no exception. First there was the VW Passat that wanted to get cosy at 30mph on a bend. Then there was the little blue Peugeot that felt like high-fiving my left wing mirror the next night.

And now the trilogy is complete. Due to bad weather conditions and what can only be described as my complete blindness, I had a coming together with a cyclist on my way to work Friday morning. I’m fine and he’s fine (and he’s also one of the nicest blokes I probably ever meet) but to say I was a little shaken up would be an understatement.

For about eight hours I was a mess. I didn’t manage to pull myself together until late in the afternoon when I decided to use last week’s Flash! Friday entry to get it all off my chest.

I took the prompt and tied it together with the accident to produce something that fellow FlashDogs called “raw”, “haunting” and “painful”. I’ve never taken emotion like that and put it into writing before. To be honest, I was a little ashamed of it (hence why I still haven’t published it on this blog). But it did the job I needed from it. I felt better.

Unfortunately, although I managed to focus some time on the Anthology release, I was extremely absent from the Flash Contests, something I’ll damn sure rectify next week. I’m missing out on so much good fiction.


So that was the week that was. Hopefully I’m done with accidents and I can focus on my writing. The year is nearly up and there isn’t much left to do.

Next week I’ll be posting my Liebster Award answers after being nominated by Sarah foster over at The Faux Fountain Pen. After that is my 2014 roundup and then it’s onto a new year where, if the last 12 months are to go by, anything can happen.

See you in seven

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