Wednesday 21 October 2015

(vol 2) Chapter 41: “Write when you can”

2015 TOTAL WORD COUNT =           70368

I’ll be honest and say that what I really wanted to do was write about the new Star Wars trailer. That thing blew up yesterday and, I have to say, it was amazing.

You see, while I spend this blog writing about what I’m writing (or more often the case NOT writing about) I thought it would be nice to occasionally dip into the things that make me Geek.

Like Star Wars. And comic books. And Xbox. And Big Bang Theory.

But this week has just thrown me a curve ball and I thought I’d highlight something that, in hindsight, is a rule I wish I followed more.

For the last five days I’ve been ill. So bad that I’m not at work this whole week. Now I’ve had days off before and I can usually take advantage of some of that ‘free time’ to get stuff done; finish that book, catch up on movies, and most importantly, get some writing done.

But, more often than not the day drags on and I don’t use it wisely.

This week has been different though. I’ve had no appetite, I haven’t read a single page of the latest book I’m reading (which is annoying because I’m close to the end – sorry Sean and Dave) mainly because I can’t concentrate for very long, and this blog post is the only thing I’ve written since last Friday.

So, what’s my point?

Well I guess I look back over the last month, even the last year, and realise that, while I am writing more than I have before, am I doing enough? Instead of setting aside four or five hours a week to work on my project, if I look at my ‘free time’ could I not find more?

I know that, even if someone just writes 100 words a day, it will end up a nice novella by the end of the year. But if I really want to get something done then why not push myself to write 1000 words a day.

Now I’m not saying we should all go big. What I mean is, I could write a 100 words a day and be happy about it, if that was indeed all I could manage. But if I’ve got time for more, instead of misspending that time, I should focus it on better things.

Because these last five days have been so frustrating not being able to write. It’s taking a lot of effort to produce this post and it’s not using the imagination. And I’ll be lucky if it breaks 500 words.

I guess what I’m saying is; write when you can, and make sure you don’t regret not writing when you can’t.

NaNo in eleven days.

Hopefully I’ll feel better in seven.

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