Wednesday, 13 December 2017

(vol 4) CHAPTER 15: "Other Platforms"

One of the many decisions an author makes when releasing a book is what platform you're going to release on.

For e-books the big choice that most default to is Kindle (Amazon), and with good cause; they are the biggest seller of e-books without a doubt. When you say 'e-reader' to Joe Bloggs on the street, most people will just assume you're talking about a Kindle device, not realising that there are other brands out there. 

But the choice of platform comes down to two simple choices; go wide, or go with the biggest bite of the pie.

Despite what people think, there are other ways to read e-books without passing through Amazon's gargantuan eco-system. I myself have been a proud Kobo reader since 2012. And while Apple don't have a specific device themselves, a lot of people have i-phones which can be used via the i-books app. Goggle Books are the same.

But Amazon has an ace up it's sleeve; Kindle Unlimited. 

While you could sell your book for an upfront price like the other venders, Kindle Unlimited (or KU) follows the subscription style, much like Netflix or an Odeon cinema pass. You pay a block fee and have access to read as many books as you can.

On the other end of the process, the author gets paid not in an upfront lump sum, but at the end of the month based on the number of pages readers read. It's all worked out very technically (Amazon have a formula that normalises pages so large fonts don't benefit) using a pot of money divided by KU authors then divided by page reads.

The down side to this option is that Amazon want you all in. If you want the benefits of KU (and for better selling authors with lots of books I assume it can pay quite well) you cannot put you book up anyway else. No Kobo, no i-books, no Google. Once in, you are tied to Amazon and KU for 90 days.

I only have one book at the moment and it's never going to be a big big seller. Flash Fiction collections just don't have the pull of novella's and full blown novels. But I went in on KU for the first 90 days of sale because, quite honestly, I didn't have anything to loose. People could still buy for £1.99 if they didn't have KU membership so I wasn't limited to people only in the program. And because Createspace, one of the two most well used ways of going 'Print On Demand', is owned by Amazon, I was still able to release the paperback version of BRISK WORLDS back in October without breaking the rules.

But benefit me it has not. And my 90 days ended two days ago.

I chose not to remain and am now working on option two; going wide.

Three months since BRISK WORLDS was released, you can now buy it on Kobo. This is a particularly special moment for me as my Kobo device is my preferred method of e-reading (sorry other e-book apps).

BRISK WORLDS still won't be a big seller but it's nice to have my work out there on two different ecosystems. It was a simple process of just taking the word doc prepped for Kindle and uploading it to Kobo's site. 

They say on their web page that it's easy to get started as an indie author, and they're not wrong. Obviously the hard work of formatting was done back in September, but from logging on to pressing publish took me about 20 mins. That's really quite remarkable, to know that technology is at a point where you can put your work out there that quickly.

So that's not a bad way to end 2017. I have my first published work done, available in two e-reading formats and also as a paperback (the real dream!).

Now I'm looking at 2018 and planning on doing it all over again.

Let me know your own self publishing stories in the comments below or on twitter (@BrianSCreek). Have you seen success in KU or do you prefer to go wider? And what other channels do you use?

And if anyone has any questions regarding my experience of kindle or Kobo self-publishing, feel free to ask.

See you in seven. 

Wednesday, 6 December 2017

(vol 4) CHAPTER 14: "30 Days and Done"

And now a look back at my NaNoWriMo 2017.

DAY THIRTY - 4266 words

This final day was all about cleaning up the end of the alien invasion and returning the hero home to realise what he has to do now. But the aliens were only the first finale. He still had to fight the ultimate villain of the story, a being that could destroy all existence. I managed to start this fight scene and was clear of my planned word count for the day (and over my final target word count) so I didn't need to write more. 

But then I sat down with dinner and watched Captain America: Civil War. 

After the credits rolled I felt rejuvenated, and while I didn't have the time to finish the book properly, I got down the key points of the fight, of resolution, and the ending I didn't know I wanted until I got there. It's very rushed (the hero works out how to defeat the villain via an epiphany with absolutely no foreshadowing), but it'll all be sorted out in the next draft. I just really wanted to have something like a plan down on paper before putting the novel aside (unlike 2010's I AM BROKEN, which to this day still doesn't have it's ending) and more importantly, I just wanted to write THE END. It was a nice bow on top of my best NaNo ever.

And that's the end. Thirty days of writing that has been an absolute blast. 

I've really blown myself away this year with how much and how fast I've written. Just to be clear, I'm not bragging. I'm quite the introvert (aren't all us crazy authors?). But I can't be anything other than proud of what I've accomplished in thirty days.

What surprised my during this and some other prvious NaNo's is that when I expect to not do well, I seem to surpass what is necessary. Back in 2007 when I took part for the first time, I had nothing but free time, and yet I allowed myself to be distracted by a games console and found myself slipping behind (only two late night writ-a-thons managed to help me over that finish line). 

Others years have been the same, yet when 2013 rolled around, life had pilled a lot of writing distractions on me. I have a one year old son, work was hectic, and I was living in the dinning room of my father-in-laws bungalow. I was quite stressed and depressed at the time, so I only took part in that years NaNoWriMo to cheer myself up and provide a distraction. I was already accepting that I would't get far into it. And yet I found myself unable to stop a lot of days, getting a good thousand done on my lunch break, and a further one or two thousand done in the evening with my laptop balanced on a foot stool.

Last year was truly something special. I was coming through a period where my stress, anxiety, and depression had me seeking professional help. The way I was had affected my home and work life and I wasn't the easiest person to be around. But that constant of November writing couldn't have come at a better time and gave me something to focus on. And considering I only really committed to it the night before it started, my story came through complete, finished on the evening of November 30th, and smashed my previous word count record. Considering some years I made it to 50,000 and stopped, last year the story pushed me forward so that I wrote almost 15,000 more than necessary. With zero road bumps or stalls, and no write-arounds.

I honestly never thought I get that much done again and was happy to leave UTOPIA FOR PEARS as the flag upon my NaNoWriMo mountain. 

And then this year happened and, despite new personal problems and work being even more stressful, I blew UTOPIA out of the water. The story just kept giving, and with it being set in my favourite genre, it wasn't difficult to stay excited. I know a lot won't be used in the final version, and there's a lot more to be added over the already epic (for me) word count. But I see what it should be, where it needs to go, and have been happy to let the randomness of NaNo add a few extra characters and plot points that I hadn't considered but know will be important to include.

So, the plan going forward? Well I have the other project I'm working on which I took a break from during NaNo, and then SuperGod is what I'll be working on to get out before NaNo 2018. And who knows what I'll be writing come November next year. I look forward to finding out, and I wonder if, just maybe, I can set another word count record again.

Before I go, a big congratulations to fellow FlashDogs Casey, Nancy, Holly, Steph, and Liz, as well as first timers Craig and Mark. These guys set out on the same journey as me and all crossed the finish line followed by a raised a drink at 'The Validated Writer'. November saw the birth of 7 new worlds from these writers minds, new worlds you may hopefully see in the near future.

Anyway, I'm off now, taking a break from writing for a few days.

See you in seven.

Wednesday, 29 November 2017

(vol 4) CHAPTER 13: "NaNoWriMo 2017 - Day 29"

November is almost over and NaNoWriMo is coming to and end for another year. After crossing the finishing line as early as the 17th, and having the pleasure of validating the day validation opened up, I've been able to just enjoy myself for the last week and just see where the story goes.

DAY TWENTY-THREE - 2353 words

With our hero stuck on the surface of the moon, and no obvious way to get back to Earth, day 23 consisted of me writing stuff until a solution presented itself. This was the first time I got a little worried during this story, but just when I though about skipping ahead and sporting it out at a later date, something materialized. It will need some fleshing out and setting up in the next draft, but I like it. 

And as I close in on my personal record for NaNo (2016's UTOPIA FOR PEARS hit 64034 words), I'm looking forward to exploring this epic ending.

DAY TWENTY-FOUR - 3619 words

First off, this day is awesome because I beat my previous NaNo Record. SuperGod is the story that keeps giving, and while some years I've hit 50,000 and just stopped, whether I'd reached the ending or not, this time I just can't stop carrying on. My aim it to push myself to add 50% and hit 75,000.

I got a lot done, even going back onto the laptop when I'd already done enough for the day. With the hero back from the moon and ready to kick ass, it was time to get the pieces in place for the finale (well, the first one, anyway).

DAY TWENTY-FIVE - 1025 words

From such a high over the previous week, I was brought back down to earth with my worst NaNo word count since the end of November 2015. A lot of it was time; being out fore the morning, working on an IT issue for the afternoon, spending time with the family, and watching the Formula 1 qualifying, I didn't even boot up the laptop until 8pm.

Add to this a scene I wasn't enjoying where I'm, beginning to move the players into position, and it was very stop/start. I'd write a couple of hundred, log off, chide myself for not hitting the target, and try again. It was the first painful day this year, and I'm just glad I got over 1000.

DAY TWENTY-SIX - 2864 words

Coming off the back of a crap word count, I made the effort on day 26. My son was compliant, and gave me a good hour where he just sat and played quietly, and I crossed the 1667 feeling good. After lunch I pushed it past 2000, working on a scene that is my ode to The Suicide Squad, which should have been enough. But like day 24, I had one more effort when I didn't need to and closed to almost 3000. I actually planned on going on again later, but found myself tired watching the Formula 1 and called it as job good enough.

I'm in that annoying part where it's all build up for the finale and you don't ant to write too much and slow the book down, but you also don't want to rush it and shoot you load with out preparing the drama. Hopefully the drafts will fix this.

And less than 4000 words to go for my updated target.

DAY TWENTY-SEVEN - 3147 words

This day went better than expected. It's the men on a mission scene now as the group go head to head with the alien invaders. They may be the last hope for planet earth, but that doesn't mean that they have to get on. I'm enjoying the conflict between the characters, something I'm not always good at writing. 

This was another day where I thought I'd done enough, see I was just 200ish words from a milestone, write a bit more, then find I was 200ish words from another milestone. My inability to end a day just a few words short of something on my spreadsheet looking tidy is a massive carrot on a stick. People would say I'm weird, but it puts words on my page (and I can make them good words later).

And in 779 words, I'll have reached my secondary word count goal of 75,000.

DAY TWENTY-EIGHT - 2445 words

Another good word count day and I managed to achieve my secondary goal of 75,000 words. Woo hoo! Though the wife has annoyed me by uttering the phrase "I reckon you could make it to 80,000." So on I go. To be fair, it shouldn't be too difficult as I'm still in the middle of the first epic finale with the hero and his small team knee deep in alien scum. And things are starting to look tough. 

DAY TWENTY-NINE - 2370 words

This was some tough writing. It's easy to write a lot of the first draft without a plan and without details, but with things coming to conclusion, it's been hard to tie everything up. 

Part of this is because, although I'm not physically editing as I go, my brain still thinks of things to add, delete, or alter when I get to rewrites later. And without an actual plan (because I didn't know what I would have at my disposal when I got to the last third) it's hard to write an ending that makes sense and has punch. Some characters that were big in my plan have faded from the story, while other ones that were completely new several days ago have turned out to be very integral players in the story. 

So while I'm looking forward to working on draft two early next year, I'm scared because I can see how much work there is to do.

On the plus, I got finale one out of the way (some parts were rushed because my character's motivation and personalities are very 2D and paper thin) and with one day to go, it's all about the big fight; hero vs villain SMACKDOWN!!!

And that's nearly all I wrote. There is just one day left of NaNoWriMo 2017. I can't believe how quickly it has flown by. Not long until advent calendars are opened, then it's Star Wars, Christmas, and before you know it we're all saying Happy New Year.

Since I last posted, 3 more @FlashDogs have crossed the finish line. It's good to see the group that formed writing very short fiction spreading their wings and coping with 50,000+ words. Hopefully there will be more FlashDog related works in the next couple of years to adorn everyone's bookshelves.

For those of you closing in on 50,000, best of luck to you. Whether you're just a thousand away and will ease over it tomorrow, or you've got a mountain to climb and plan on doing some mad dash mega writing, the main thing to remember, crossing the line or not, is that you made yourself write. That's more than a lot of people who say they 'want to publish a book' do. And there's no law that says you can only use what hits paper in November. If you don't make it, you don't have to stop. While the NaNoWriMo winners badge can make you feel good, a finished book sat on your bookshelf is the ultimate prize.

Let me know how you're all getting on, either in the comments below or on twitter @BrianSCreek

Now go write, write like you've never written before. Write like the wind.

See you in seven.

Wednesday, 22 November 2017

(vol 4) CHAPTER 12: "NaNoWriMo 2017 - Day 22"

The finish line is in sight but there is still work to do.

DAY SIXTEEN - 8114 words

An early start today. Up at 5:00 and a couple of thousand words done before starting work. After two days of writing an epic superhero/super-villain smack down, it was nice to chill and get into my characters head a little, find out how he's coping with things.

This scene carried me over the 40,000 mark. That should have been enough. I hit my word count and finished a scene. Then things escalted

I spotted how close I was to my 2017 record daily word count of 4000. So on my lunch break I wrote a bit more. But then I saw how close I was to my 2014 record daily word count of 5833, so that evening I didn't watch a movie or play on the Xbox. I wrote. And then I was so close to my 2007 and 'all time personal best daily word count' of 7941 words (that was a night that ended at 3am) that I stuck on a Donald Trump documentary and carried on until, well until my fingers fell off.

I'm very stat driven (you've seen the spreadsheets) and it's this that can keep me going when it shouldn't be possible. I'm not the fastest writer in November, but every now and then I manage to do something awesome at this time of year, so I kick pessimist me to the curb and give my self a little pat on the back. This was one such day.

It also meant that, with 14 days still remaining, I only had 3463 words to reach the finish line. This may go down as my best NaNoWriMo yet.

DAY SEVENTEEN - 3484 words

I was expecting to hit 50,000 around the 20th, but due to the previous days write-a-thon it happened on the 17th. To say it was difficult to contain my excitement would be an understatement. I was so thrilled to hit 50K so early in the month, a personal best for me. And there's still much more to go after the days attack on a jungle drug compound (yes, this story will be mental). The battle scene ended perfectly on 50,001 so I called it a day with Chapter 22 coming up next.

DAY EIGHTEEN - 2023 words

After two days of monster writing, the weekend hit hard and returned me to normal word counts. After the drug compound battle of the last chapter, this was all about bringing the main character back to his day-to-day life; returning to work, spending time with his girlfriend. Normal stuff. I'm still pushing on because the ideas are all still rolling out. A worry I sometimes have is crossing the finish line cutting the enthusiasm. But I'm doing well.

DAY NINETEEN - 2044 words

Another weekend day, but when the wife took our son out for an afternoon walk, I took it as writing time and immediately jumped onto the laptop. I managed about 1700 before they got back, and fit a further 300 in after dinner.

DAY TWENTY - 2302 words

Back to normal today as I opened up another action scene. The fights that the main character goes through are all based on iconic superhero movies, and this scene is similar to one from The Dark Knight. It's a more thinking mans action scene, unlike the previous bust ups.I managed 1700 and called it a day, but then had a burst of 600 around 10pm to keep my average high.

DAY TWENTY-ONE - 2674 words

After the fight the previous day, day 21 was all about the consequences. The main character starts doubting himself and the dual life he's trying to live, and it's up to those closest to him to pull him from the slump. After all, the world could be in danger (spoiler, it's about to be) and need a hero.

DAY TWENTY-TWO - 2169 words

And so the beginning of the end is at hand. Our hero has been presented with a bigger threat than terrorists, street criminals, and super powered villains. An alien threat is coming. Our hero has faced some big challenges up to this point, but the literal fate of the planet could be in his hands. And he hasn't even dealt with his biggest enemy, who wants to destroy the entire universe (because, you know, one problem at a time). With time running out, and our hero trapped on the moon (I told you this was going to be a weird book) how will this story end? Guess I'll start working that out tomorrow, as my planning only got this far. Should be interesting.

And in extra awesome news, as this week wraps up, I've crossed 60,000 words and am on target to beat my personal best (2016 UTOPIA FOR PEARS - 64,034 words). My life is at a  bit of a low at the moment so this is really pulling me along and keeping me going. I'm pushing myself hard and breaking a lot of personal records and loving every minute of it.

In other extra awesome news, Steph Ellis (one of the master minds of The Infernal Clock projects) has also joined me at the NaNo pub that is 'The Validated Writer'. We're getting our drinks in and watching out for the other FlashDogs who are closing in. A couple of first timers on my writer buddies list and their doing super well. Virtual drinks ordered for you peeps, waiting at the bar. 

So with just over a week left how is everyone else doing? Ready to validate? On target? Or crazy enough to plan a word blitz with two days to go. Let me know in the comments below or on twitter @BrianSCreek

The finish line can be crossed if you really want to. In 2007 I was 13,000 words behind with 3 days to go . . . and I managed it without needing to write on the last day. 

Keep on writing. 

See you in seven.

Wednesday, 15 November 2017

(vol 4) CHAPTER 11: "NaNoWriMo 2017 - Day 15"

Half way through the month. How exciting

DAY NINE - 3535 words

I love days like this one. It started slow and I was thinking that I wouldn't make it past the 1667. As I was closing out my writing for the day  I thought I'd just set up the next chapter so it was easier to begin day 10. And then I couldn't stop typing. I was having brain waves and wanted to get them down  quick before I forgot them. I was trying to type faster then I physically could; my fingers hurt by the time it was over.

And then I'd check my word count and see I was 60 words from a milestone so I;'d add a little more. But then I was close to another milestone, and I kept that up until I was more than double my daily target.

Good day. Lots done.

DAY TEN - 2100 words

Managed a quick sprint on the train journey and made it to within 700 words of the 25,000 half way point. That's the quickest I've gotten to half the November word count target. I'm hoping that I can keep the pace up, hit 50k by the 20th, and make 75k my finale (personal) record breaking total. Lets hope.

DAY ELEVEN - 2091 words

I mentioned that last weekend was a surprise result for me as weekends are usually tough to find a decent window. Well the 11th was weekend business as usual. It was the first day this month where I had zero word count in the books before noon. A trip out with the wife and child meant I didn't get behind the keyboard until 4:30pm, and formula 1 in the evening meant I had to make a small window count. Thanks to an action scene that plays homage to a 2006 action superhero movie, I managed to just cross 2000 before calling it a day (night).

DAY TWELVE - 1815 words

Typing away late this day, due to a birthday party and the penultimate race in the F1 calendar. Luckily I managed about 800 words while sat watching my son play at Monkey Bizness, and the rest once he was in bed. I left the scene hanging as I ran out of time and wanted to hit the ground running when I was back on track the next day. 

This scene was mostly tying up the previous and then finally hitting the big plot point behind the whole story. 

DAY THIRTEEN - 3384 words

After a leaner weekend than I wanted (though it was expected), I bounced back today with another count crossing 3000. This was helped by a scene where the background of two major characters were revealed and, in a strange moment around the 2500 mark, I suddenly decided that a good twist was needed and felt right. So while the hero was talking to another main character for 2500 words, I flipped it, and made out that it was the villain the whole time. Then the other character turned up and a fight ensued.

None of this was in my loose plan. It simply said 'Character B has spent millennium trying to kill Character A'. I had no idea why they hated each other or where they came from. And the twist. I made it up after I written a massive flashback scene. 

It's one of the things I love about the recklessness of NaNoWriMo. Everything is doable, and nothing is off the table.

DAY FOURTEEN - 2714 words

An impromptu trip to A&E for my son (he's fine) almost derailed me, but waiting rooms are a good opportunity to whip out the old phone and chuck a load of words into a Google Doc. Today was all about an epic fight, one much bigger than  the last. The main characters first real challenge. In fact the scene was so big, I didn't finish it even with over 2500 words done, so I'll hit the ground running for day 15 and the half way point of November.

DAY FIFTEEN - 2177 words

The epic fight continues. I had a few moments planned before I started it (a helicopter meets an 'explosive' ending, and a cruise ship isn't left very seaworthy) buit stringing it together was touch. Fight scenes can be difficult, especially in first drafts. There's a lot to keep track of with characters moving around and scenery getting chewed up. No doubt during the January reread before edits start, I'll spot a lot of continuity errors.

And that's another week out of the way. I'm still over the moon with my progress so far, and confident with how much is still left in my imagination to put on the page. I'm setting all kinds of personal records, and this might be the first year I upload my 50,000+ on the day validation goes LIVE. Fingers crossed.

How are you guys doing? Are your stories going as planned, or have crazy things and new characters made an effort to derail (or improve)? Share your stand out moments from the first half of NaNo in the comments below, or on twitter (@BrianSCreek).

It's all go for the second half now, as November 30th and 50,000 closes in. Good luck tyo all participants. Keep writing.

See you in seven.

Wednesday, 8 November 2017

(vol 4) CHAPTER 10: "NaNoWriMo 2017 - Day 8"

First week of NaNoWriMo is out the way and SuperGod is coming along nicely. 

Have managed to pick up where I left off last year with my writing ethos (wish I was this constant through the other eleven months of the year) and I am putting good word counts in. SO good are these daily word counts that my opening aim to cross 10,000 by Monday 6th was smashed when I somehow managed it by Saturday lunchtime. 

As I mentioned before, a lot of this early writing is rewriting a previous version of this story. There are some scene and character changes, and I'm trying it in third person instead, but it's all from scratch without copying from any previous draft. It's like trying to write down the plot of a movie I watched twenty years ago. I remember the broad parts, but the details will be different. This way it's not an exact copy, but still the rough story I wanted to tell.

DAY TWO - 4000

Writing when I perhaps shouldn't have been, I managed to hit almost two and a half times my required word count. It's been fun switching the view point and having to write with a little less info coming from the character's heads. And having the end game in my head this time around is allowing me to fill out extra details as I rewrite old chapters from previous attempts. 

DAY THREE - 3015

A good end to the work week with almost double the 1667 put down. Still going through old ideas and fleshing out more, but little bits are growing new parts that may or may not lead somewhere. That's the fun of NaNo and no editing until January 2018.

DAY FOUR - 2202

In the early days of my NaNoing (also known as 'before my son was born') I did most of my writing at the weekends. But since 2012, weekends have always been a difficult time to find a spare hour or so without the little guy wanting my attention, or as is more often the case, not wanting my attention but wanting to make noise. So I was surprised that I managed over 2000 words while at home this day. My son spent some time playing in the garden, while I sat at the dining room table cranking out my word allowance.

I needed to hit 10,000 by close of writing Monday. But passing that Saturday lunch time was nothing but positive. Hoping the rest of the month carries on like this.

DAY FIVE - 2021

One good weekend day of writing is special, but two in a row? Miracle.

DAY SIX - 2236

Another good day of writing which I started on the train using my phone (love Google Docs). While walking from one building to another at work I did hit a revelation regarding the first chunk of story; I would be deleting a couple of thousand words when I got round to editing (not yet, because we don't edit in November, do we?). 

The section has been in every version I've written of this story and then I realised while I was thinking about it that the section is unnecessary, that it just bogs things down. If you take it out it changes nothing (except the reader's time is no longer wasted). And better still, the thought of it going doesn't bother me, so that's a good sign.

At 1667 a day, Monday needed to have me at 10,002 words. Somehow, with a strong start to this November, I was sitting at 15,293. This is a massive confidence boost, and as with last years story UTOPIA FOR PEARS, I have a lot in my head, so I don't think I should hit any lulls. 

DAY SEVEN - 2100

Busy day today so words were a little slow at getting to page, but a splurge around lunch time took me close to the daily 1667 and then a nice gap in the afternoon coupled with a brand new tangent in a scene carried me over the 2000. I'm about to cross the line now away from my original attempts of this story, so looking forward to seeing what happens next. I have a plan, but it's all uncharted. 

DAY EIGHT - 3194

Another day of early writing, plus a half day from work allowed me to get some good writing time in. I meant to stop around 2000, but an idea for a scene kept me going and I rolled over 3000 just before dinner time.

My target for crossing 20,000 was November 12th. Now at 20,587, I've managed to cross it 4 days early. Again; I wish I could write this strong outside of one month a year.

And that's it for now as I start the second week of NaNo 2017. I'm stronger than any NaNo I've done before (just) and I feel like I've got enough 'Imagination Fuel' to keep going and not hit any road blocks.

How are you all doing? Is this your first time, or are you a seasoned pro? Let me know in the comments below, and remember to keep writing.

See you in seven.

Wednesday, 1 November 2017

(vol 4) CHAPTER 09: "NaNoWriMo 2017 - Day 1"

So, NaNoWriMo 2017 has started.

It's early days (the earliest) but I've started and that's what matters.

So far, on SUPERGOD!

In my planning I've written several chapters previously, and keep changing my mind which one is 'Chapter One'. Today I finally settled on one and it feels right. Previous attempts were always the start of the first third of the novel, but now I've got it planned in a bit more detail, it makes sense to open where I have. Of course anything can change before this hits readers minds, but for now, I'm happy.

DAY ONE - 1819 words

I'd written this scene before where our main character Gareth Dunsford was introduced. He works at Megamovies video store and has a strange encounter that, unknown to him straight away, will change his life in some really cool and crazy ways.

In previous attempts of both this scene and the story, I've written in first person. This led to Gareth being a funnier (to himself at least) and bitter character. I'd always thought this story would be first person but was surprised when I sat at my keyboard today and found that I started in third person instead. And so far (two scenes) it feels better. Gareth feels more like I want him to be, and in turn he helps the book become more like what I want from it. Fingers crossed it works out.

And I not only hit the good old 1667, but went a little over. Nothing feels better during NaNoWriMo than having extra words in the bank.

That's all for now. November 1st almost snuck up on me this year (busy week last week and then off work with mild kidney stone pain). But I got started and now it's 29 more days to see what comes out of my idea.

Let me know in the comments or on twitter (@BrianSCreek) how you're doing and shout out your word counts.

Next weeks update with be a little fuller.

See you in seven.