Wednesday 1 July 2015

(vol 2) Chapter 25: “CampNaNo 2015 – Day 1”

2015 Flash Fiction Word Count =        37701 

2015 CampNaNo Word Count =           817

2015 TOTAL WORD COUNT =           38518

What do you do when one writing project is complete (see FlashDog Anthology release)? Get stuck into something else, of course.

If you read last week’s post then you’ll know that I’m using this July, and more specifically CampNaNoWriMo, to begin work on my latest project; upgrading ‘Chris and Mike vs’ stories from Flash Fiction to Novellas.

For the next month, my posts will consist of word count updates, as well as a little background on each days writing (highs and lows), and how the overall story is coming along. So, without further ado . . .

Day One – 817 words

It was both a good and a bad start to Camp. Good, because I managed to get going and bad because, after 45 minutes of ‘going’, my laptop battery expired. Guess I forgot to check its charge last night (Palm, meet face. Face, meet palm).

It wasn’t that bad a thing really though. I lost about a quarter of an hour sure, but the mini intro chapter was done, so I would only have got the next chapter a little underway (although this is normally nice because you hit the ground running on your next writing session).

Originally I’d considered starting the story with Mike, to show how mundane his life was. Then, I changed my mind and thought it would be better to open the story with Chris in a meeting with a psychologist. Instead (I know, I know) I opened with the reveal of a shadowy, evil figure, and his wretch of a human minion.

It’s strange, because I’ve had this story in my head for a while, I have a rough plan laid out, and yet it wasn’t until I wrote the first couple of lines that I realised I could still keep the wit of the original Flash Fiction pieces.

How many people come to a dilapidated church at midnight? It’s not a regular social activity for most people. Maybe drunk kids. Maybe psychopaths trying to ritually murder some poor bastard.
And then there’s your villains.
This villain was a dark as they get. Literally. This villain was a living shadow, a being of pure blackness. And totally evil to match.

Hopefully I can keep this style going throughout.

Something else that happened, as my fingertips were beavering away, was the instantaneous creation of a character. He’s not in a single one of the Flash pieces and I hadn’t planned for him in anyway. I just suddenly thought ‘this evil guy wouldn’t dig a hole in a graveyard by himself. He’d have a minion do it for him’.  A minion called Pesci Cherub.

(And before you ask, Lizzy, no, not one of those Minions!)

With what amounts to a prologue now out of the way, tomorrow I start work on the intro scenes to our two main characters. I’m looking forward to getting into their heads with more than 100 words to play with.


And that’s it. Not much, I know, but that’s what happens when your first NaNo day is the same day of the week as blog posting (and you run out of that thing called electricity). Obviously next week will have a lot more going for it.

Before I go, I’ll just quickly mention that I did indeed manage to write three separate ‘Chris And Mike vs’ stories over the weekend, one for each of the Flash contests I take part in. Thursday was their normal Micro Bookends adventure with CHRIS AND MIKE vs THE BARBARUS BEAST. Then, the following day, and Flash! Friday brought out the sci-fi tinged CHRIS AND MIKE vs INVADERS FROM MARS!, an ode to the classic serial shows of the 30’s and 40’s. And finally the expansive word count of Angry Hourglass gave us the Jaws / Tremors homage that was CHRIS AND MIKE vs THE SECRET BENEATH THE SAND. It was fun writing all three and if you’d like to enjoy them too then just head over to Wattpad where (by fan demand) I’ve stuck up each and every ‘Chris And Mike vs’ adventure written so far.

Now I’m off to plan for tomorrows writing.

See you in seven.

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