"Flash fiction is the art of the extremely short story" - Mark A King

In 2014 a group of Flash Fiction writers were forever bound together by their love of the short form story. They called themselves . . . FLASHDOGS

After months of regular participation in various Flash Fiction contests, one of their members stood up and decided that they were all ready to take the next step. In December of that first year 34 authors put together 114 amazing tales which were grouped into an anthology, and unleashed upon the world. Six months later, their two-part anthology themed around Solstice was released, and in early 2016, a third anthology centered around TIME, was added to the group's output. All three anthologies are available through Amazon, either in digital or paperback format.

The profits of these anthologies are donated to the charity BookBus, whose aim is to provide the opportunity of reading to those less privileged around the world.

Below are all the anthologies to date, with country coded links for convenience. Enjoy.

#FLASHDOGS Anthology 3: TIME

#FLASHDOGS Anthology 2: SOLSTICE (part 1 Light)

#FLASHDOGS Anthology 2: SOLSTICE (part 2 Dark)

#FLASHDOGS Anthology 1

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