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Sunday, 10 May 2015

Flash Fiction Roundup

It's been a busy week of writing and editing as the deadline for the FlashDogs Anthology grows closer. But I've always time for my favourite Flash Fiction weekly contests.

(Note -  Angry Hourglass is currently on a break so there won't be any entries for that contest until the middle of June).


I may have messed with the CHRIS AND MIKE today by posting a non Chris and Mike story first. An idea just popped into my head and, as there is no word limit I though, why the hell not.

As for this weeks CHRIS AND MIKE, after escaping the labyrinth that took up the last three adventures, the pair now find themselves teaming up with Chris from the past. But did he come forward or did they go back?


First time I saw her I just knew. I’d been with other women before, sure, but that had been so basic, so primal.

She was different, though. Her voice, her smell, her smile, it was all so magical and would stay with me for days. My heart would go clickety-clack whenever she was around. She was perfect. She was perfection.

There is nothing I fear more than life without her. She was my drug of choice and I could never get enough. I guess by checking out early to be with her there will be things I miss, but I can’t wait any longer.

She is one special lady.


First thing Mike did, once it sunk in, was throw up.

“That’s right, buddy,” said Chris. “Let it out.”

“That’s a lot of puke,” said Young Chris.

Mike looked up at both Chris’ and wiped his chin. “How the hell have we gone back twenty-two years?”

“My guess is that the labyrinth we escaped from had some rather interesting ‘properties’.”

“And why does everything look foreign?”

“Argentina, my friend,” said Chris. My father brought me here to train.”

“Maybe he can help us get back?” said Mike.

Chris nodded.

Young Chris pointed towards the city behind them. “He went to see a weird lady.”


This week was an interesting mix of having to create a story where the main character was a lawyer and link it to an image of a World War 2 fighter plane crashing landing on an aircraft carrier.

As always, the challenge isn't writing a story but writing one that stands out from the 90+ other entries.


“Prosecutions witness.”

I nodded to the Judge and approached the witness.

Danny Fields, forty-two, accused of beating his boss unconscious with a crowbar after being, in his words, unfairly dismissed. I had witnesses, a motive, and the weapon. It was an open shut case.

Mr Fields was a big man, intimidating even just sat in the witness stand. He watched me walk across to him, showing no hint of recognition. He didn’t know me.

But I knew him.

It had been a decade since we’d last seen each other. Back then we’d been surrounded by twisted metal and the fires of hell.

It was 1943, the Battle of Rennell Island. My plane took a hit that caused problems getting back to the carrier. The engine stalled at the worst moment and I ended up clipping the flight deck. The landing was rougher than the time I fell out of an oak tree.

I should have burned then and there, trapped in my Hellcat coffin. But a deck hand named Danny Fields ignored the dangers and dragged me screaming from that wreckage.

I wouldn’t be stood in this courtroom today were it not for him.

So how can I send this hero to prison?

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