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Sunday, 3 May 2015

Flash Fiction Roundup

Can you believe it's May already. Crazy, right. And in that time I've managed 61 pieces of Flash Fiction.

Below are the latest two.

(Note -  Angry Hourglass is currently on a break so there won't be any entries for that contest until the middle of June).


Looking forward to rounding up the 'Labyrinth Trilogy' this week, I struggled to contain the excitement when I saw the photo prompt was a tunnel.

And while the Labyrinth story might be finished, you'll see that things are about to get a little crazier for Chris and Mike.


“Wild guess?” asked Mike.

“No,” said Chris. “I’ve seen this tunnel before, in my dreams, back when I was in the institution.”

“Like a premonition?”

“Like a memory.”

“So you’re saying this is the way out of the labyrinth? No more assassins? No more ghost knights? No more dragons?”

“I think so,” said Chris.

As Mike waited for his friend to recollect, he spotted a small boy watching them from a little way down the tunnel.

“Um, Chris? We’re being watched.”

Chris looked up as the boy turned and ran.

“Let’s go,” said Chris.

“We’re chasing him?”

“We are,” said Chris. “That boy is me as a child.”


Another busy day with the release of the latest FRACTURED DAWN meant I had very little time to work on this weeks Flash! Friday. Nonetheless I'm happy with what come out and think it's a story that's in with a good chance this week.

Fingers crossed.


I watch her as she slips her hand through the grate and tries again. Her fingers strain, forcing her chewed nails to within inches of the keys. Then the wrist relaxes, the hand flops. She sighs as her eyes meet mine. They contain all the enthusiasm of a bored child.

“Stop playing games!” I’m annoyed that her stubbornness has riled me up but this is getting frustrating. “Let me explain again. You can’t physically reach those keys. The door is designed that way. You have two choices; stay trapped in there and die slowly as you wither away. Or . . .” I pull my gun out and rest it on my knee. “use that God forsaken gift of yours to try and escape. What’s it going to be?”

For a few seconds it looks like she will continue to defy me but then she sits back in the shadows of her cell.

The keys began to move in the lock as her mind takes control of them. I can’t help but smile as I finally have my proof. I’m witnessing telekinesis first hand.

But the keys don’t turn. They slowly leave the lock before flying at my throat.

Dear God, what have I - 

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