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Monday, 9 February 2015

Flash Fiction Roundup

Part of the new format for the blog is to collect up the weekly Flash Fiction stories and place them all in a single post so that I'm not scattering posts all through the week.

Going forward these will be posted on a Sunday evening (I'm late for the first one). There is no Angry Hourglass this week as I'm having my first go at judging (more on that in Wednesdays post).

So, without further ado . . .


When I first started taking part in David Borrowdale's flash fiction challenge, I used it to test myself and try weird ideas. There was the story written in reverse and the triangle story (each line being a word longer).

And then, three weeks ago, I thought it would be funny to put two work colleagues into a 100 word zombie story. I still don't know why I did it but the crazier thing is that I can't stop.

Last Thursday saw the third Chris and Mike story put up on Micro Bookends. And the best part? They seem to be getting a following. I fear Chris and Mike merchandise won't be far off.


“Water?” said Chris.
Mike glanced at the flask in Chris’ trembling hand. “I’m good.” He shone his torch around the chamber. “Why exactly have you dragged me down here?”
Chris smiled and pointed across the chamber at a large iron gate. “This mine holds a treasure like no other.” He took an ancient looking key from his pack. “Fortune and glory.”
“I don’t like this,” said Mike.
“It’s perfectly safe” said Chris as he turned the key in the lock.
From the bowels of the mine came a monstrous roar.
“Safe, my arse,” said Mike. He grabbed the key and locked the gate. 


This week was a tough one. While it never fell into writers block (see here), it did take a couple of goes. The story itself was fine but I tried it from several points of view and with multiple characters involved. In the end it just became about one man (called Clifford) and his journey to the other side.

This week the prompt was the following picture. We had to include a fleeting moment as a theme.



It doesn’t take me long to realise I’m dead.
In retrospect, the heart attack was a debt owed on years of bad treatment towards my innards. Too many doughnuts and too much beer will eventually cause the old machinery to clog and fail.
For a while I wait because TV has taught me to expect a doorway or a tunnel of light. Instead I feel something gently pulling me away.
Outside the world is a different place than when I left it. Gone is the street on which I’ve lived for forty odd years. So too are the cars, the shrubs, and the streetlamps. My house is but an island in the centre of a sea of grey stretching as far as the eye can see.
And it’s raining.
I grab my umbrella and start walking across the expanse. After a while I begin to feel strange, as if a door in my mind has opened and everything there ever was is slowly rolling in. Human beings question so much during life and it seems the universes irony is to answer them all in death.
I take a deep breath as I realise my life was but a blink of an eye and I’ve become part of something bigger. 

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