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Friday, 9 January 2015

Flash! Friday

FF – 9th January 2015

This week the prompt was the following picture.



I have been watching her for a while now ever since her beautiful voice drew me down from my seat in heaven.

My cloud floats down, closer and closer. I see how soft and delicate her skin is. My chest begins to tingle. I want to reach out and touch her.

But there are rules. Ever since the Immaculate Conception we angels have been forbidden from associating with humans. It is too dangerous.

Yet the closer I get to her the more the yearning washes over me. I want to take her in my arms and become one. I want to breathe her in.

Still singing, she starts playing with her hair. I lean forward to smell her fragrance. I reach out my arm, my hand, my finger. So close.

Someone is watching me. My master.

I spread my wings and take flight. The urges leaves me as I leave her.


I have never hidden from my wife what it is that I do. The day that I enlightened her I expected that she would be repulsed and flee. To my surprise she understood.

From then on, understanding was all I ever asked from her. She never judged my methods or my goal. She never asked me to step from my path. On the contrary she surprised me further.

She sits now as bait, in the centre of the clearing. As instructed her mind bellows forth thoughts to lure my prey.

As the Angel approaches my wife, my one true love continues to remain still. She cannot reveal her true intentions or risk the creature’s fury.

The sight of my Damned Rifle stares at the creature’s chest. I wonder how many more Angles I must exterminate before He intervenes.

He will grant me an audience. He will answer for his crimes.

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