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Friday, 2 January 2015

Flash! Friday

FF – 2nd January 2015

This week the prompt was the following picture.



I feels the grownups eyeing me as they walk past, all wondering why the little boy is hugging a metal cabinet beside a busy street.

If I was white then they’d probably ask if I was okay. But that’s the rub you see ‘cause if I was white then I wouldn’t be hiding like a scared little mouse.

Can’t remember the last time I made it home from school without something happening. I’m just so fed up of being chased, of being beaten, and of having my stuff taken.

I watch my hunters as they pass by a tobacco shop on the corner. These guys have been trained by fathers who hate with no real reason. Now I gotta go home and face my own Sergeant Major who just hates them all right back. I guess me and them white boys are just soldiers who fight each other ‘cause we’re told to.



“Hey Ray-Ray, you see him?” says Charlie from his hiding spot.

I lean out from my cover and glance over the windows of the building opposite. There’s a flash and a bang. I draw my neck in real quick as the bullet flicks the ground just inches beside me.

“You get hit?” calls Charlie.

“I’m good. Our guy’s in the top row of windows, second in from the left. The one with purple curtains. He’s all yours.”

Charlie settles his rifle into position. He’s the best shot in the platoon. He’ll take care of this chump and we’ll be home for tea.

His brow kisses the scope lightly and he holds his breath.

“You kids stop hanging around on the sidewalk with your toys. You’re putting off my customers.”

I turn to see Mr Feedles stood in the doorway of his bakery looking a little peeved.

I guess me and Charlie should get home before our mom worries.

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