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Sunday, 11 January 2015

Flash Frenzy

AH – 11th January 2015


“See them?” said Jake.

“I do,” said Harper. “It’s probably just a glitch with your phone.”

“It ain’t no glitch. Camera app works fine everywhere else in town. It only happens here, on this street.

Harper breathed into his palms, misty breath escaping through the gaps between his fingers. “Can we just go, please? It’s freezing.”

“You can go but I’m staying.”

“Jake, buddy, come on. What do you think you’ll find by staying out here all night? Nothing is what. And I’ll be the guy who let his best friend freeze to death all alone.”

“Just look again,” said Jake. “Please?”

Harper sighed and looked at the screen on Jake’s phone. “Okay, so you recorded some footage from earlier today. Then you drag me out here in the middle of the night, line your phone up perfectly and make it look like I’m seeing another time or another dimension or something? Colour me unimpressed. And pissed off?” He knocked Jakes arm to put an end to the prank but was surprised when the video matched the jolt. “How did you know I was going to knock the phone like that?” he said.

“I didn’t,” replied Jake. “Get your own phone out?”

With the hook of intrigue now taking hold, Harper fumbled to get a glove off so that he could grab his own mobile phone from his jeans pocket. A quick unlock code later and he opened the camera app. He raised the phone in front of him and his breath caught as he saw people walking all around him.

“Still think I’m crazy?” said Jake.

Harper stood on the spot and slowly turned around in a circle. “This is crazy, dude. What are the phones showing us? It’s like another time or place. This is some freaky shit.” He kept turning until he was facing Jake again but his friend was ignoring him. “Jake?”

No response. Jake was just looking around, a frown of confusion resting on his sunlit face. It was as if he’d lost his dog or something. Harper lowered his phone. His friend was gone.

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