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Friday, 5 December 2014

Flash! Friday

FF – 5th December 2014

Flash! Friday started two years ago and, as such, the final round of the Flash! Friday calendar each year ends with a bang.

The format is cranked up a little and the prizes are something to drool over.

Below is my entry for round 1; no prompt other than the picture and a story that must be exactly 150 words long.

Fingers crossed its good enough to get through to round 2.



How much longer do I keep searching?

The sun drops below the burning rooftops as the chaos soaked city pushes its smoking blanket into the sky.

If I was alone I would never give up looking for her but my boy needs me now. He’s been the centre of my universe for the last two years and now it seems I will be the centre of his.

“Be smart,” Sarah would say. “Do whatever it takes to protect our son.”

Easier said than done during the end of the world.

I’m drowning in uncertainty, scared that these fires are burning far beyond the city and scared that my boy won’t love me. Sarah was the person he’d go to first. He loved her before he knew what love was.

The wind changes. The smoke turns its attention to us.

I squeeze my son tight and walk away from our home.

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