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Sunday, 7 December 2014

Flash Frenzy

AH – 6th December 2014


“I don’t understand,” says Jake. “I can’t see the trail on the other side.”

He’s right. He usually is. Of course my brother don’t do much else than state the obvious so he’s rarely wrong by default.

“He musta stayed in the water,” I say. I look left and right, up and down the icy stream. Clever bastard is trying to lose us by not leaving prints in the snow.

“What do you wanna do now?” says Jake.

“You cross over. We’ll follow it downstream from either side.”

“What if he went thataway?” says Jake. He points in the opposite direction to the one I’ve proposed.

“He’s dumb but not that dumb. Upstream takes him back towards town. No, he’s going this way. Let’s not waste time chatting about it.”

Jake nods and that’s when the Wendigo drops from its spot high up in the tree. The thing should have flattened my brother straight into the ground only Jake’s  been dead going on seven years now and his corporeal form don’t feel a thing.

As for the Wendigo, the bastard was more clever than I’d thought, doubling back and hiding up with the squirrels like that.

Jake tries to keep the thing distracted while I reach into my jacket pockets

I pull a glass jar from my left pocket and throw it at the Wendigo. The jar smashes against its chest and the liquid contained within spills out and soaks its patchy fur. The creature’s attention is on me now and it looks pissed. It bares its teeth and starts wading through the snow towards me.

I pull my other hand from the right jacket pocket and hold up my trusty lighter. I spark it up, the tiny flame now the only source of heat for miles around.

I wonder if the person the creature used to be can remember what gasoline smells like. 

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