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Friday, 7 November 2014

Flash! Friday

FF – 7th November 2014

This week the prompt was to include treasure with the following picture.


Clickety Clack

Everything had gone to plan.

It’s so nice to be out of that place. I told them I didn’t belong but they wouldn’t listen.


But now I was free. It had been tough to stay out of sight as I made my way into the city but I’d managed it and I was close to the end of my adventure. So exciting.

Hang on a second.

As I board the train I look up to see the rainbow is still there. This train will follow that beautiful ribbon in the sky and lead me to the pot of gold that I know sits at the end. Soon I will be rich and no one will ever be able to lock me up again.

Who’s coming? Oh.

Jasper says I should find a seat and keep my head down. The men from the hospital are on the platform looking for me. Wish me luck.


The train comes to a stop on the outskirts of another desolate town. I stand at the open door of the medical car and wait.

In the first weeks after those things came we needed armed guards to keep back the tides of survivors begging for our help. We did our best under the circumstances but too many died.

Now though, after six months of traveling the remains of civilization, I could count the people who met us at each station on just one hand.

And all because a group of treasure hunters got a little too greedy and dug a little too deep. No one knows what came out of that tomb but it did more damage to the human race then we’d managed to inflict on ourselves since the dawn of time.

I wonder how long we’ll follow these tracks. I wonder how long until there are no more lives to save?

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