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Sunday, 16 November 2014

Flash Frenzy

AH – 16th November 2014


“So the boss says it’s an immigration tax. Says there are costs to preventing the law from sniffing around.”

“That’s the problem,” said Omar. “We come here to work hard and just end up in situations where we are easily taken advantage of.”

“Exactly,” said Aydin. “I was a high school maths teacher back home but all I can do here is drive a taxi. Illegally.”

“Can you try and explain your situation to him?”

“And lose this pathetic job that I hate so much?”

Their conversation was interrupted by a scream coming from above. Looking up they both saw a man falling through the air towards them. Omar and Aydin dived out of the way as the man smashed through the roof of the Aydin’s cab. Glass exploded out as the windows buckled. The car alarm shrieked at the intrusion.

Aydin stood up and cautiously moved towards what remained of his ‘office’. Behind him Omar and the other taxi drivers bolted. He didn’t blame them; illegal workers at a crime scene would mean questions, questions that would divert from ‘dead man on car’ to ‘witness employment status’. He looked over the damage and the body. The guy was definitely dead and his taxi was definitely trashed. Things had just gotten worse.

As he stepped closer he kicked something in the gutter. Looking down he saw a suitcase. He looked around and saw that no one was coming to take a closer look at the accident, which was strange because most times people just couldn’t help themselves.

Aydin picked up the suit case and set it down on the now slightly deformed bonnet of his taxi. He popped the catches and opened it to see what was inside.

Money. Lots of money.

He closed it quicker than he drew the breath of surprise and looked around. Still no one. This was a U-turn of fortune, a beacon of hope. This could help him make a fresh start in a country that was determined to keep him down.

All he had to do was take the money and run.

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