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Sunday, 2 November 2014

Flash Frenzy

AH – 2nd November 2014


Hal was woken by the sound of keys rattling in a lock. It was hot and cramped where he was and clearly not the bed he’d fallen asleep in. He was pretty sure it was a car boot.

Before he could try and manoeuvre to better search his limited surroundings, the lid of the boot flew open letting a wave of cold air rush in.

“Where am I?” he called out.

Instead of a reply Hal found himself grabbed by the scruff of the neck and pulled from the car. A hooded figure closed the boot as the car turned into smoke before Hal’s eyes. The figure then grabbed Hal’s arm and dragged him across the grass towards a clearing surrounded by three stone pillars.

“Please, please let me go.” He struggled to contain his panic now. Was he being kidnapped for ransom? Was he to be the victim of a deranged serial killer? “Where are you taking me?”

“Payment is due,” said the hooded figure. “I am here to collect.”

Before Hal could protest he was thrown down in the centre of a small dirt circle. The figure moved to a gap between two of the pillars and turned to face Hal.

“I don’t owe anyone anything,” yelled Hal. 

“Not you. Your father.”

“My father?” said Hal confused and hoping this was all a bad dream. “What does my father owe?
“Your father failed on his contract to my master. You are the price. You soul is forfeit.”

“Wait, but I haven’t done anything!” He stood to protest more but the floor opened beneath him and he was swallowed in an instance. Even his screams were fleeting.

The shadowy figure stood motionless in his spot slowly morphing, joining, stretching and twisting until he became the missing forth stone. 

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