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Sunday, 9 November 2014

Flash Frenzy

AH – 9th November 2014


This was it, the greatest gig that Thumbnail Scratch would ever play. Phil had finished setting up his drums and was sat ready to set the beat. Robin twiddled a few dials on his guitar and nodded to Julie, our vocalist, who in turn nodded to me on bass.

I looked around at the crowd that was starting to form around us. There were a lot of inquisitive faces staring at us as we prepared to perform in front of the Wall.

I tapped the mic and spoke. “Our city is divided. This wall is a symbol of the oppression that hangs itself around the neck of every Eastern citizen. Today we will play for you and our music will tear down that oppression.”

In the silence that followed my improvised speech I heard a couple of coughs, one ‘hell yeah’ from quite far back and a sneeze. I looked to the band. “Okay, like we planned. One, two, three.”

And it began. I never felt more alive than when the four of us performed together. I could feel the thump of the drums and bass in my chest as the twenty two stacked amps behind us volleyed our song at the wall. Thirty seconds in and Robin and Julie joined. It was beautiful, it was perfect but, more importantly, it was loud.

While we played through ‘Destruction (Comin’ At Ya)’ I concentrated on the wall. It was starting to shake and crack and we hadn’t even got to the chorus. Small chunks of mortar were starting to fall away. The guards in the nearby tower were noticing it too. They were yelling something but I couldn’t hear it over the sound of our music. It was then that I noticed the flashes of muzzle flare but none of us flinched. Our music protected us, causing the bullets to melt in mid-air.

Julie paused, took a deep breath and broke into the chorus. The section of the wall out in front of us exploded. The crowd went wild.

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