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Friday, 24 October 2014

Flash! Friday

FF – 24th October 2014

This week the prompt was to include Bankruptcy with the following picture.



Jefferson finished checking my horse over and gave a thumbs up. “He’s fit to race, boss. But only just.”

I stepped forward and looked Fortunes Raider in the eye. “I don’t want to tell you how important this race is, old friend. We’ve have had a hard few years and it’s all on the line today.”

“I know what’s at stake,” said Fortune. “A win’ll get the bank off your back.”

I ran my hand down his brutish yet soft neck “Ignore the prize money. Ignore the crowd. Ignore everything. Go out there and run like you used to.”

Jefferson moved to the doorway. “Hey boss? It’s not long ‘till the race. You want me to go fetch Tony and tell him to suit up?”

“You do that,” said Fortune. “And tell that short ass not to be afraid to use the damn whip. We got a race to win.”

I smiled. We might just do this.


“Is this what you was looking for, Dr Wasling?”

“I can’t believe it. If this is what I think it is then the stories are true.”

“You can read what it says? See, that’s why I called you, Doc. Everyone knows you’s the smartest man in town. What does it say?”

“This, dear Bill, is the name of the horses owner or, to be more precise, it’s rider. This is no ordinary horse; it is one of the four horses of the Apocalypse.”


“Trust me, Bill. You’re going to be a rich man. This is the discovery of the century. How exactly did you find it?”

“Oh I didn’t find it. Jake Davey from the next farm over sold it to me. Said he needed the money on account of the bank foreclosing on his property. Says since the horse turned up his crops just done withered up and died. Ain’t that the darndest thing?”


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