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Friday, 3 October 2014

Flash! Friday

FF – 3rd October 2014

This week the prompt was to include a Politician with the following picture.


(Apologies to judge Margaret Locke; my lord #FlashDog made me do two stories)


“I’m telling you it’s around here.”

“You tell me a lot of things, Frank. It’s all just white noise.”

“Nice, Jackie, real nice. Is that what twenty years of marriage gets me?”

“You make it sound like service. How about I get you a gold watch?”

“If you got off your fat ass and helped me with this device then we could find what we’re looking for. Then we could buy as many gold watches as we wanted.”

“That contraption ain’t worth the thirty dollars you spent on it.”

“Why did you even come out here?”

“You said something about going to look for a politician. Sounded interesting.”

“No, I said I’m taking the boat out to the channel to look for the wreck of the SS Politician.”

“Well that doesn’t sound interesting at all. Although it does explain why we’re in your boat.”

“I hate you.”


The body hits the water, floats for a few second, and then descends to the bottom of the ocean. The chains around its battered legs accelerate the journey.

“That’s the last rival taken care off, Mr DeMonet.”

“Good work, Anthony. I can always rely on you.”

Anthony beams with pride.

Mr DeMonet sits at the other end of the boat having watched over the disposal process. He lights a cigarette with his gold plated New York Giants lighter. Family heirloom. Lucky charm.

“I guess that’s everyone taken care of that can prevent your candidacy, Mr DeMonet.”

Mr DeMonet puts his lighter back in his pocket and pulls out a gun. He fires once.

Anthony raises his hands as if that would help. It doesn’t. He is lifted from his feet and sent overboard.

Mr DeMonet moves to the middle of the boat and takes up the oars. “Guess I’ll have to row myself back.”

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