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Sunday, 26 October 2014

Flash Frenzy

AH – 26th October 2014


If I ever see my dad again I’m gonna owe him a big ass apology.
Like pretty much everyone in our family, hell, everyone in our town, I’d accepted that any words that escaped his mouth were nothing more than the ramblings of a mad man.
“Dead men walking,” he’d yell. “No one is safe.”
And that’s why he got himself locked up.
But now, standing on this busy street and waiting for the bus to take me home, I’m doing my best to remember those crazy words he used to spout because I think they might just save my life.

I keep my eyes on my i-pod; I don’t want the creature to know that I can see it. I stay still and try to blend in with the group of people beside me. They can’t see it, only through it. There’s a boy and a girl at the end of the alleyway. They’re drunk and making out, enjoying the attention the crowd is giving them.
The creature sits perched on the wall like one of those living statues. Its head turns left and right, nostrils’ flaring as it surveys the crowd. My dad was right; they look just like us. Only difference is it doesn’t have a dot of colour on it. He used to call them the Monotone Men.
The drunk kids will be an easy target for it. I want to warn them, to get them away from it but I know they will just look at me the same way I looked at my dad.
The Monotone Man steps down from the wall and begins to mingle with the crowd. It passes right by me and all I can do is hold my breath. As it moves further to the left I step slowly away from the bus stop. Dying was not on my to-do list today so I’m going to just walk the six miles home.
I say walk but the second I’m round the corner I leg it.
I don’t get far enough to miss out on hearing the scream.

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