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Sunday, 19 October 2014

Flash Frenzy

AH – 19th October 2014


Death looked the man over again. It was a garish image of mixed patterns and clashing motifs. Is this really how people of the world thought of him now?

“Obey me, Pale Man, for I am Death incarnate.”

“Is this a wind up,” said Death as he looked around. The streets of the city were lined with people celebrating Y2K. Everyone was cheering and kissing and looking up at the fireworks. No one was paying attention to the Grim Reaper talking to the crazy Kiss reject.

“Do not question me,” said the man. “Your time in this realm is over.”

“Clearly there is some confusion,” said Death. “You see I am here to collect your soul.”

“You try my patience, Pale Man. The universe doesn’t have time for games.”

“Are you actually insane?” said Death. He tapped his scythe on the ground and the blade lit up electric blue. “I’m sorry if your world let you down and this is what society’s ignorance has done to you but I’m on a timetable and have other souls to collect besides yours.” He lowered the scythe and pressed the tip into the man’s chest. After a couple of seconds of nothing happening he pulled it out again. “Well, that’s never happened before.”

The man just smiled.

“I can assure you, Jack Wallace from Portsmouth, that you are not Death. You are just a 45 year old homeless man whose representation of my character offends me. If you were not already on my roaster for today I would find it very difficult not to take your soul back to the underworld on principal alone.”

“Excuse me,” said a voice from behind Death. “I’m Jack Wallace.”

Death turned to see a tramp sat on the bench. The tramp waved. Death looked back at the man who appeared to have no soul. “I’m confused.”

“You have lived for one thousand years and now, like those you have harvested for a millennium, your time is over.  I have come to collect you soul. I am the Death of Deaths.”

The man tapped his stick on the ground and an electric blue blade appeared. 

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