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Friday, 12 September 2014

Flash! Friday

FF – 12th September 2014

This week the prompt was to include war with the following picture.

Not thinking straight I went and done two. Again.



It wasn’t far now, thought Stefan. Just over the hill to the next town.

His brother ran on his left while his uncle ran on his right; each silent, each filled with an anger that pushed them on despite the agony. Their ignored their aching feet and dry lungs.

Stefan struggled to block the memories of the last twenty four hours but the sounds of explosions and the screams were too much. Families lost in the blink of an eye and his village now nothing but a smoking ruin.

The three men knew what they had to do now. Yesterday they had been farmers, but now that the bombs had fallen they had to leave the old lives behind and become soldiers. And while they could not defend their village anymore they would surely stand up and avenge it.

All they had to do was get to the recruitment office before sundown.


 “You’re going down,” said Stripes. “I am the fastest runner in the valley.”
“So,” said White. “I have endurance and will still be going when you are emptying your stomach by the roadside.”
Black didn’t say anything because he was a mute.
“You fool,” said Stripes. “My Mayor will have the prize of the most beautiful woman in the valley tonight. Your Mayors will be sleeping with pigs.”
“Ha!” said White but then he stopped to think about it. “Wait. Do we ever get anything out of this?” asked White.
“Not really,” said Stripes.
Black shook his head.
“Then why are we the ones doing the running?”
“Honour?,” said Stripes.
Black just shrugged.
“You know what?” said White. “I might skip this year. I’m going back to my farm and having a nice glass of red wine.” And with that he turned and walked back towards his home.
Black followed.
So did Stripes. “Is it far?”

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