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Sunday, 28 September 2014

Flash Frenzy

AH – 28th September 2014

I've been enjoying Flash! Friday for several months now and met a great bunch of people. I've seen a lot of the other authors taking part several other Flash fiction competitions and thought perhaps it would be an idea to spread out as well.

I've gone for Angry Hourglasses Flash Frenzy which runs every weekend. It's 360 words in 36 hours and fits nicely into my lifestyle.

So below is my first Flash Frenzy entry. Hope you like it.


You ever see that film, the one with Harvey Keitel where he takes a picture from the same spot every day? That’s what I wanted to do.

My wife bought me this fantastic camera for Christmas ‘cause she knows I really like taking pictures. Up ‘till now I’ve been using my phone which is great and all but I’m ready for the next level now.

So I found this spot, not too far from where I work. It’s up on the hills, three hundred and sixty steps, and gives a great view of my home town. It looks fantastic; I mean proper, jaw dropping stuff. Some days are better than others of course but that’s what I want; something different every day, natural diversity.

The picture I take today will be the best yet. The sunrise ain’t anything to write home about and there’s fog on the other side of town so the background’s not too good. But there’s something that’s going to be in this picture that will make it worth a lot of money to me.

I guess I have my wife to thank on two counts. The camera she got me was really good and came with a lot of different lenses, must have cost her a fortune. One of those lenses in particular can zoom a ridiculous distance.

It’s so good in fact that you can easily make out the faces of my wife and the stranger she’s screwing in a ninth floor hotel room, even from this far away. I say stranger but I know it’s that jerk from her office that always hangs around her at work parties.

I want to be angry, I really do, but I can’t stop thinking about how much my wife is worth and how much I’ll get from the divorce settlement.

Maybe now I can retire from my dead end job and concentrate on photography as a hobby so I guess that’s something.  

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