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Friday, 15 August 2014

Flash! Friday

FF – 15th August 2014

This week the prompt was to include a thunderstorm with the following picture.



The air buzzes around me as the storm draws closer. Rain drops tap my back and hairs stand on end. I remove my sandals before starting the climb; I want to feel the bare stone beneath my feet once more.


I can just about remember playing in these streets. I would join the other children, unjudged by them, and we would scamper around the busy market stalls spreading mischief.


My father deterred the treasure hunters from our land, the outsiders seeking to take that which was not theirs. An army, however, is not so easily repelled. My people never stood a chance.


I have bared more pain than that of a hundred lifetimes; through war, through slavery, through elements I once never knew existed. My people are gone but I have returned to the city of the mountain so that their King will once again sit on the throne.

I have come home.

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