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Friday, 25 July 2014


This week the prompt was freedom with the following picture. Enjoy.
(note: I struggled with the title with about fifteen ideas I hated. Thank you to my awesome wife for coming up the the final one. Love it.)


I was getting tired of this.

I’d spotted the ship at daybreak, it’s puffed white sails aimed straight at the island. Now it sat in the bay, waiting.

As before, the island granted me its power. From the beach where I stood I reached out with my mind. The energy I was permitted to control pounded against the waters turning the calm bay turbulent.

I felt the ship with my mind and grasped it, sensing the lives on board, all unaware of their fate. I ignored them and squeezed.

Even the distance couldn’t prevent the sounds of screaming men and cracking timber from reaching my ears. Nothing could save them now.

I couldn’t allow it. The island wouldn’t allow.

It took but a moment to sink the ship and destroy all evidence of the outsiders. Exhausted, I left the beach and returned to my dwelling.

The island’s secret was safe once more.

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