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Friday, 4 July 2014


This week the prompt was that we had to include a woman with the following picture. Enjoy.


     Another piece of scrunched up paper hit the floor.

                “Perhaps we’re over thinking this,” said John.

                “You’re over thinking this,” said Benjamin. With his part done he was fed up. He pushed his spectacles back up his nose. “It shouldn’t take this long.”

                Thomas turned away from the large window where he’d been looking out at the city of Philadelphia. He walked past his compatriots and dropped his quill upon the drafts and redrafts piled high in the centre of the table. He glanced at the Grandfather clock in the corner. “It’s nearly one o’clock,” he said. “We’re running out of time.”

                There was a knock at the door from the other side of the room. All three men turned as it opened. It was Mary. “Sorry to interrupt, gentlemen” she said. “Have you written down your food order?”

                Thomas snatched the document from John and walked over to her.

                “Wait,” called John. “I didn’t see they had chicken.”

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