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Friday, 27 June 2014


This week the prompt was Patience with the following picture. Enjoy.

Don’t Move

Cloaking devices are great.

Light forced around my figure prevents me being seen. If I was to move even a fraction of an inch then I would become visible, a man-shaped blur. This is why I’m standing statue still as the man in the haz suit walks past.

It was a rookie mistake leaving my time skiff in the open but, when chasing a fugitive through the continuum it can be hard to plan your parking. Now, with the fugitive dead and the timeline repaired I just need to get back to my skiff and return home.

The haz man me passes me again as he tries to pinpoint the energy readings making his Geiger counter go click, click, click. He’s gets so close I can see his eyes through his mask’s shaded lenses.

Now if the haz man and his government team would please leave the area because I really need to piss.

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