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Friday, 13 June 2014


This week the prompt was friendship with the following picture. Enjoy. 


Her bare feet ached but it mattered not.
Revan had walked for three days from her home over the mountains. Tired, hungry, alone but determined.

Her shoulders ached but it mattered not.
Two cases of Veneret berries hung from Revan's tiny arms. The succulent berries were a delicacy and very hard to come by. Yet Revan had found them.

Her heart ached but it mattered not.
Her friend would soon be avenged. Revan would kill the man who had raped and murdered little Bacia. She would end his life and balance the scales.

When Revan had finally arrived at the castle the guards didn’t let her past the gates. They did, however, take the cases of berries without hesitation.
Just as Revan hoped they would.

By this time tomorrow the news of the Emperors death would spread throughout the land; mysteriously poisoned at his wedding.

Revan would be long gone.

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