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Friday, 6 June 2014


This week the prompt was to include a fire with the following picture. Enjoy.

Leap of Faith

All I smell is burning.
My watch tower is ablaze, struck by lightning. Looking around I see the hatch leading down to the salvation of the mountain path is engulfed in angry flames. I’m trapped.
I want to ring the bell and draw the attention of my brothers in the town below but the rope is gone. I push the heavy bell and scream as my palms turn to mush.
Heat forces me back to the edge of the nearest window. I’m going to burn alive unless . . .
It’s a long way down to the forest below but I believe I can make it. I believe that my God will make the mighty trees catch me. I must believe.
I close my eyes and leap.

                *     *     *     *

My chest tingles where the branch has punctured it. I struggle to breathe and I can’t feel my legs. I am cold.
I can’t believe anymore.

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